Introducing The IFO:

Initial Fund Offerings

A Revolution In Money Management.

A New Trust Architecture For Money ManagementAn IFO Creates A Trustless Framework For Money Managers And Investors Using Immutable Smart Contracts.

Increase Investor Options

Investors will have unlimted amount of IFO's to match their variegated investment needs.

Full Transparency

Investors will no longer need to blindly trust money managers to prudently invest and return their money.

Exports Oversight To Blockchain

Compliance will go from being an onerous ineffeciency to something that is built into the code.

Create A Fund In SecondsGive Your Investors Something To Hold On To

To launch and IFO™, all you have to do is initiate a Fund Creation Event on the Ethereum network using our smart contract SDK. As of now, the only way to do this is via the Global X Change Operating System. Here you will get a simple interface to publish your SmartProspectus, deploy your Sub-GXToken's and initiate your IFO™.

You Focus On Trading Let The Protocol Take Care Of Fund Operations

Once you have launched your IFO™ and your investors have bought you're IFO Tokens, you can make trades on an account which is interacting with a escrow account assured by the IFO protocol. Your trades are executed and your progress is displayed for everyone to anaylize. You keep trading until your pre-established Fund Redeption Event.

The Fund Self-DestructsFund Closes & Investors Divvy Up The P/L

You will conclude trading 24 hours prior the Fund Redemption Event and all outstanding orders will be closed 500 seconds prior to the Fund Redemption Event. At this point the total Net Asset Value of your fund will be converted to GXT and returned to the current holders of your Sub-GXTokens. As you are required to hold a specific amount of your own funds tokens, you will also participate in this process.


Learn Why An Is IFO Necessary


Get An Introduction To The IFO Protocol


A Deep Dive Of The IFO Protocol

The GXToken is the value tranfer agent for the IFO Protocol. Both invevtors and fund mangers leverage the GXToken through all stages of the Initial Fund Offering. To learn more about how the GXToken facilitates the IFO, click the link below.

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